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Microsoft 365 Optimization

Image by Turag Photography

Here are three practical ways we help our clients get the most out of their Microsoft investment.

Reduce their license costs

Increase their Microsoft Secure Score

Activate new and undeployed features to release additional value

With changes happening daily to Microsoft's cloud platforms, it often feels impossible to keep up with them. New features are released while others are deprecated. With those changes, there seems to be a never-ending laundry list of changes that need to be made to your productivity and security configurations.

Let us help you optimize your cloud technology to take full advantage of the available features, keeping your clients secure while not over-paying for licenses and services that are either unnecessary or simply not in use. 

Here are just some of the ways we can work with your group to optimize your Microsoft investments:

  • Configure cybersecurity settings to keep your organization and data safe.

  • Monitor license usage and identify opportunities to reduce license spend.

  • Recommend ways to optimize your license configuration and cloud configurations to minimize costs and maximize value.

  • Keep you and your team updated on the latest changes to Microsoft's cloud offering.

  • Help you roll out new features and capabilities.

  • Architect solutions like hybrid infrastructure, intranets, workflows, reporting, and more.

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