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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services provides a cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive solution for companies looking for a team to augment and support their existing IT department. For organizations with an in-house IT department, US Medical IT partners with them to provide additional capabilities and energy to accomplish their strategic IT projects while continuing to manage daily operations. 

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

  • Business leaders choose Co-Managed IT for increased efficiency and productivity through faster support and reduced IT problems.

  • Co-Managed IT results in cost savings by eliminating the need for a large internal IT team and associated costs.

  • Access to enterprise-class tools needed to maintain and secure networks, automate maintenance routines, and reduce downtime. 

  • Instant access to "9-1-1" on-site IT support during an IT crisis.

  • A team of experienced IT professionals with access to a deep bench of expertise to help solve problems and make informed technology decisions.

  • Improved cybersecurity through access to the latest cybersecurity tools and end-user training.

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