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Cloud & Network Infrastructure


Just Like Electricity, Your Servers and Network Can Never Go Down

Your servers and network are much like water and electricity. They can run for years with no interruption making them easy to ignore. But take away any of your critical infrastructure, even for a few minutes, and you quickly realize how vital your technology infrastructure is to the health and well-being of your organization. Outages can soon lead to outraged customers and plummeting profits.

The team at US Medical IT enjoys working with IT and business leaders to implement strategies and routines that ensure organizations never find themselves without access to their network and server infrastructure. We can help you plan, budget, and implement replacement routines, keep your infrastructure up to date with the latest patches and upgrades, develop site recovery solutions, and implement a healthy hybrid mix of services between on-premise and cloud computing. Our team is also available during nights and weekends if you find a critical service shut down unexpectedly due to hardware failure or another unexpected event.

Cloud and Network Infrastructure Management Services

Site Recovery Solutions

Cybersecurity Protections

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Patching & Upgrade Routines

Hardware Replacement Cycle

Log Capture and SIEM Alert Configuration

Design and Implement Redundant Critical Infrastructure

Emergency After-Hours Support

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