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Best-Selling Book!
Cyber Storm

How to Protect Your Business From a Data Breach And the Resulting Cyber Storm Of Fines Lawsuits and Customer Losses

Co-Authored by US Medical IT's

CEO and Founder, Stephen Cracknell


The Ultimate Guide to Confidently Protecting Your Business and Assets From Today's Threatening Cyber Storm of Hackers, Data Theft, and Ransomware


Now an Amazon Best-Seller!

It's no longer a matter of IF your business will be targeted and compromised by cyber-attacks; it's a matter of WHEN. In 2021, cybercrime cost the world $6 TRILLION, and ransomware attacks are up to 800% today!

Once hackers break in and steal your employees' information, your customers' private data, our YOUR personal info, that's when you wake to see the damage from the cyber storm -- major financial loss, fines, lawsuits, lost business, and a PR nightmare that could bring down your business.


Rather than wait for the impending cyber storm to squarely hit your business, you must take proactive steps to prevent a cyber-attack NOW. The cybersecurity experts and authors in Cyber Storm present a thorough compilation of actionable strategies and solutions so you don't get hacked.

You Will Learn:

  • How today's cyber storm will result in a FLOOD of COSTS and WEEKS of WASTED TIME and what you can do NOW to prevent an attack

  • Why you MUST stop thinking, "it won't happen to me." YOUR BUSINESS is easy prey for them and is the #1 target for cyber-attacks. You will learn your 8 WEAKEST LINKS where hackers will break in

  • Exactly HOW small businesses endure a cyber storm of 4000+ RANSOMWARE attacks PER DAY and, more importantly, how to make sure you're not one of the victims who is forced to pay TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS or more

  • The 4 CRITICAL STEPS you must take the absolute first second you realize you've been hacked to minimize the fallout from the storm, including data theft and financial loss – this can be the difference between life and death after you've been hit.

  • Your current data BACKUP is likely giving you a FALSE sense of security. Discover why most Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans fail and end up in massive data loss and fines

  • Think being HIPAA COMPLIANT is enough? It is no longer the standard for healthcare and financial institutions if you want to weather the storm and avoid paying MILLIONS in fines and lawsuits

  • The seemingly harmless ways your employees are unintentionally OPENING THE FLOODGATES for hackers and how to arm them as your first line of defense

  • Discover the 8 CRUCIAL STEPS to protecting yourself from fines and lawsuits

  • The alarming ways cybercriminals are infiltrating our children's lives - do these things NOW to protect your kids from the frightening ramifications.

  • And so much more!

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