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Co-Managed IT Services

How Co-Managed I.T. Is Giving Mid-Market Companies The Cyber Security And IT Services They Need Without Building A Costly Internal IT Department

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     With the labor shortage raging, the sophistication of cyber-attacks escalating, and IT professionals in short supply (and coming at a high cost) many mid-market CEOs and CFOs are turning to a different approach to IT services called co-managed IT.
     Co-managed I.T., also called Co-MIT, is a customized set of ongoing I.T. services, support and tools we offer to companies with I.T. departments to help “co-manage” all aspects of I.T. Not only does this save your organization money (usually between X% and Y%), but it also offers the following benefits:

  • You get access to the services of a highly skilled cybersecurity and I.T. bench on an “as needed” basis without the cost of employing them full time.

  • You have a ready-to-go support team that is already familiar with your environment to step in if your current IT person quits, goes on vacation, needs unforeseen extended time off OR in the event of a crisis (ransomware, systems down, etc.).

  • Your I.T. team gets access to professional tools and systems, as well as support, to make them far more productive for you.

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