“They did an outstanding job!”

“As part of our MACRA qualification process we needed to find an industry expert that could help us complete our Risk Analysis. US Medical IT was recommended to us by a trusted colleague. They did an outstanding job on the Risk Analysis project, so when our previous IT services company notified us that they were closing their doors at the end of the month we immediately reached out to US Medical IT for assistance. We asked if it was possible to securely move our IT infrastructure to their platform in just two weeks.

​Stephen and his team not only accomplished this goal, they did it while keeping our staff productive throughout the entire migration. Besides other benefits like Onboarding & Security Training, being upgraded to the latest Microsoft productivity and security tools such as email encryption and secure instant messaging allows us to meet our commitment to protect our patients’ privacy. Our relationship with US Medical IT is just beginning, but based on our initial experience we are well positioned for a long and valued partnership.”

Steven Peskind, M.D.
NTENT Member
Plano, Texas