“US Medical IT’s team has proven to be both competent and capable.”

“NTENT was looking for a better way to communicate with and manage data for our burgeoning membership using applications that we were familiar with so we reached out to Microsoft to ask for help. Microsoft recommended that we work with US Medical IT, a Texas based Microsoft partner that specialized in providing IT services to healthcare organizations. US Medical IT helped us deploy a robust and HIPAA compliant infrastructure that, among many new capabilities, allowed us to securely and easily communicate with our members through encrypted email. We also asked US Medical IT to modernize our membership database. For years we had been tracking our members using spreadsheets along with countless PDFs. US Medical IT has delivered a modern membership tracking system on time and on budget. US Medical IT’s team has proven to be both competent and capable. Based on our experience, we strongly recommend US Medical IT to our members as well as any healthcare organization that needs a reliable IT vendor.”

Kathie Norris
Executive Director