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It is happening every single day. An employee is diligently working away and then while scanning emails, clicks a link. That is all it takes, a single click by one of your employees which starts start a chain of events that can cripple your business’s finances and reputation.

This 16 Minute NPR Interview Will Change Your View Of Cyber-Attacks

“…Then, a few days later, Mavis was in her sent box looking for another email. And that's when she saw it. Her computer, all on its own, sending out emails. And you're just seeing sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent, sent. And then, right there, it was like, crap.”

Quote from NPR – The Price of a Hack

We encourage everyone to listen to the following 16-minute interview conducted by NPR. In this interview an NPR reporter profiles a business that took steps to prepare for a hack but still ended up becoming a victim.

Are you confident that you are doing everything you can right now to protect your business from hackers?

If you are at all concerned that your business might fall victim to a cyber-attack you should take action right now. Simply fill in the form to the right and we will work with you to assess your organization’s readiness to withstand such an attack.

How do we do this? We will send out a simulated phishing attack email to your staff and then share with you the results of that test including; who opened the email, who clicked on a link as well as who provided their credentials. Additionally, we will share with you 12 ways you can take action today to protect your business from hackers.

GREAT HARM May Befall Your Business If You Doing Nothing
There Is NO COST To Doing Something. Why Wait?

How much does this cost? Nothing, we want business owners to be aware of the risks and be prepared to respond to hackers. The first step in that process is knowledge about how exposed your group is to the threat, as well as, ways you can prepare your business to respond.

Here is how our FREE Simulated Phishing Test works:

  • Together we design a phishing email that will look familiar and non-threatening to your staff
  • You provide us a list of employee email addresses
  • We work with your IT staff to configure your mail server so that it forwards our phishing simulation through to each end user mailbox
  • We send the simulated phishing mail to your staff
  • We share the results of the test with you and talk about ways you can protect your business

Just fill in the form on this page and we will reach out to get the process started!

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It Takes Just One Person On Your Staff To Open One Of These Emails To Start An Attack