Three Growing Cybersecurity Threats That Your Staff Is Exposed To Right Now And The Steps You Must Take To Protect Your Business


Live Webinar Offered Every Thursday
12:30 PM – 1:15 PM Central Standard Time (CST)

In this complimentary 45 minute webinar, CEO of US Medical IT, Stephen Cracknell, will step you through three growing cybersecurity threats and provide you with concrete steps that you must take to protect your business.

Unprecedented Attacks

Take proactive measures to repel the cyber-attacks that are happening to your staff right now

Cyber Espionage

Learn the best ways to monitor your network and protecting your business data

Data Theft

Small and mid-sized business; learn why you’re not just a target, but now hackers’ preferred target

Get to Know the Speaker:

As CEO of US Medical IT, Stephen Cracknell has a vision to innovate the healthcare technology environment in order to improve medical practitioners’ daily operations and better service patients in a more compliant manner.

Prior to launching US Medical IT in 2010, Stephen spent 12 years at Microsoft managing complex IT projects ranging from security to databases and network architecture. In 2007, Bill Gates awarded Stephen Microsoft’s Innovation Award for his design of a Shelter Registration System used by the American Red Cross. Stephen earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.  (Learn more…)

Stephen Cracknell

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