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Now Is The Time...

Healthcare organizations have been gathering patient and operational data for many years. Now that Microsoft has made Business Intelligence affordable through the launch of their new Power BI platform, US Medical IT has had an overwhelming demand from our clients to build out a reporting infrastructure on top of their data.

We have published some sample reports that answer actual questions asked by our clients. The goal of these reports is to demonstrate how you can begin to glean new insights out of your existing data so you can effectively determine where additional investments of time and resources are needed.

You can click through these live demos or watch the YouTube video below as our Director of Health IT, Stuart Macanliss, steps you through each example.​

Interactive Sample Healthcare Business Intelligence Reports

US Medical IT Brings Insights to The Dallas Zoo Using Power BI

Stuart Steps You Through 5 Sample Healthcare Business Intelligence Reports in 5 Minutes

1 Hour Webinar: Improving Profitability in Healthcare

Microsoft recently asked us to present a webinar to their healthcare clients. During this webinar we reviewed several of the top challenges that organizations face when trying to utilize their available data. We also covered best practices for jump-starting an organizations reporting vision, and provided some examples of how organizations are using their data to impact the bottom line. You can watch this 1 hour webinar by clicking HERE.

US Medical IT Knows What Drives Value in Healthcare

Our customers want actionable metrics presented in an intuitive and consumable framework.

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  • ​actionable

From iPad's to mobile devices; meeting the challenges created by BYOD is a key to successful BI initiatives. Consolidating data from multiple sources like an EMR, time tracking systems and financial applications gives our clients a holistic view of their business, patients and providers. US Medical IT crafts solutions to provide actionable intelligence for the real world.

“US Medical IT has helped our company solve our most pressing challenges.”

US Medical IT has helped our company solve our most pressing challenges. They did an exceptional job of helping us dial in the scope of our project and lay out a realistic project plan. Their smart team and diligence to a project plan has helped us automate 40 man-hours per month via Power BI reports & dashboards. These critical KPI reports are now available any time, all the time with real time data!

Matt Mettry Chief Operating Officer
Gastroenterology of the Rockies
Denver, Colorado